How Chris Brogan use Twitter?

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is one of the most awesome Social Media Gurus. He has been specializing in social media marketing for eleven years. He is president of New Marketing Labs, a new marketing agency based in Massachusetts. He is coauthor of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling Trust Agents, and his other book is Social Media 101. He blogs at [], and speaks professionally at conferences and private events on the business impact of social media. He is also co-founder of PodCamp, the international new media conference series and Third Tribe Marketing, a great learning platform.

Latest about Chris: He got a new logo for his website


Chris Brogan at Twitter

138,000+ people are excited about his active presence on Twitter. You may also follow him if you are not not yet (just click on the picture above). In this post I’ll highlight what he is doing to get most out of his twitter account for his followers and himself.

He was kind enough to allow me to write about Chris & Twitter. I’ll simply write what he does and what he doesn’t on Twitter.

Let’s go on!


  1. has a twitter account with his real pictures.
  2. answers the question, “What has your attention?” instead of, “What are you doing?”
  3. is talking with his followers 90% of the time. (I know it because I counted some 700 tweets and it was the case.)
  4. promotes great people, cool services and stuff of others.
  5. is promoting others and his stuff with 12:1 ratio (12 others, 1 chris).
  6. is answering other’s questions, commenting on the tweets and retweeting too.
  7. talks to people about their interests too.
  8. is happy to help other people most of the time.
  9. linked his profile to an awesome homebase i.e to his Blog.
  10. is following back every non-spammer follower
  11. uses URL shortening services like
  12. checks links before Tweeting them.
  13. uses third party clients like Seesmic / twitterfeed. Because it’s easy to manage twitter with them.
  14. tries to keeps his tweets to 120 letters, easy to retweet for others.
  15. is talking about his material only because it is useful, has value, interesting for his followers.
  16. uses direct message for 1-to-1 conversation in case if that has not value to others.
  17. tries to connect with great minds even if they have very few followers.
  18. some times shares non-business interesting tweets about him, like: ” Heading off to read bedtimes stories to the kids. Ciao for now”
  19. blocks spammers, (I’m not sure about this).
  20. uses Twitter Search alot, to learn about people and places etc.
  21. has a verified account, so that followers get the real Chris.

He doesn’t:

  1. try to sell people all the time.
  2. use any cartoon to represent him.
  3. create spam tweets.
  4. integrate all of his tweets in LinkedIn, but uses #in for this.
  5. use hashtag all the time, keeps tweets simple.
  6. get money to tweets.
  7. use TweetLater service.

What else you think he does / doesn’t on Twitter? You may also share any other cool idea.

About Waqas Ali

Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook
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11 Responses to How Chris Brogan use Twitter?

  1. Dear Waqas Ali, I like your Blogs keep it up…thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertize…LOVE2U…

    Vittal Koppal

    • Waqas Ali says:

      Hi Vittal,
      Thank you for being the first one to comment on the blog. Yes, I’ll be sharing some best of my knowledge regularly on this blog.
      Stay tuned and stay social 😉

  2. Nibras Bawa says:

    So you’ve been monitoring his tweets? He used to change his background quite often then, but he’s stuck to this present background for some months now. Also, he’s grown with twitter. I mean he used to have some spam stuff too, but now they are much subtler. He still promotes, but i think its more indirect promotion now. I’d like to think he’s passed the twitter learning curve.

    Am i the first person to comment on your blog? If so, i’m glad to be the first 🙂

    • Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Nibras, It took me two days to days to find some insides, although I was monitoring him carefully for some 15 days.

      Yes, he declares that it took him an year to get out of twitter. And now doing great stuff.

      You could make to be the second person to comment on this blog. Which is also wonderful.

      I’ve been in settling so many things, but now it’s time to not to be lazy on the blog. So keep in touch, a lot is coming InshaAllah

  3. Kamran Aziz says:

    Really informative stuff here…
    Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  4. I came to you/your blog from Awab Alvi on facebook. Really like your blog. Simple, to the point. This post was really informative. Thanks.

  5. Very good information. Lucky me I discovered your site by chance (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

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