Express Tribune: A newspaper to read

Most of you have probably been told that you should read newspaper especially a good one. And many of us do for different purposes. This post is written to inform friends (especially Pakistanis & those who wants to read a daily newspaper from Pakistan) about a new & positive addition in Pakistani Print Media.

The Express Tribune is the newspaper I’m talking about, I attracted to this paper through their powerful social media presence & content written by good guys mostly.

Not only they are on the mission of delivering informative and insightful news in Pakistani perspective, but they have also partnered with The International Herald Tribune – the global edition of The New York Times. Which is simply awesome. The newspaper covers variety of topics, many of them have been ignored by others.

The Express Tribune


Here are some good points about them:

  • Price is very affordable (15 PKR) & it’s free on the website.
  • They have non-confusing layout and use quality paper.
  • Editorial contribution is very peace inviting.
  • Less advertisment so far.
  • Diversity of content and writers, some of writers are young.
  • Allow comments online with a back URL.
  • Utilize social media and covers interesting stories at their blog.


  • Get a good “About Us” page which tell us about the team behind the paper.
  • Keep price low, make it accessible for middle class and students.
  • Encourage readers to THINK
  • Lead by example.
  • Target middle class as your audience too.
  • (website) Get these domains too and direct them to the current main domain.,, ,,

Friends, no body paid me to write good about eTribune, but their hard work and positive direction directed me to share it with you guys. I shall always appreciate good businesses especially of Pakistan and will share with you people too.  Read the paper for a week and please share your feedback because Social is Better!

About Waqas Ali

Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook
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4 Responses to Express Tribune: A newspaper to read

  1. Trib Employee says:

    Thanks for the review and advice, Waqas!

  2. Another Trib Employee says:

    Are you sure you’ve not been paid for this?

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