Enjoy Being Friend Of Your Customers

Business people have always been trying to judge the true value of their customers. Because they are the people their business is all about.

I believe now is the time to take next step. Watching customer’s profile picture is not enough  we need to go & comment on the photo (when he was returning from Paris). We need to share the happiness together. Got it?

Our friends are the people we care about. We keep their contact details, so we can get in touch even when Facebook is down. We try to make them feel special because we know their value.

And we know very well when our friends are not happy with us, even they did not tell any body. But we automatically learn this. Same applies in business, we always need to improve things even when customers friends do not complain.

Think about these really important questions to be friend with them:

  • Do you know them?
  • Do you know what they want?
  • Do they know you?
  • Do they know they are valuable for you?

I feel I’ve not summarized it well enough, but one thing is for sure we all love to be customer friend of a good guy / company.

What do you say friend?

About Waqas Ali

Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook
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6 Responses to Enjoy Being Friend Of Your Customers

  1. Ellen Weber says:

    Thanks for the insights here Waqas. What a novel concept! “Enjoy Being Friend Of Your Customers!” Thanks for the timely reminders that customers are what business is all about. Would you also agree that’s true for workers who could also use the “friendship” you refer to here?
    Keith Ferazzi affirms your ideas in best selling books, Never Eat Alone, and Who’s Got Your Back? to “get in touch through places like Facebook” to make people aware we “know their value.”
    Yes, I agree! …” we always need to improve things.”
    Great questions, and these could also apply to nations!
    • Do you know them?
    • Do you know what they want?
    • Do they know you?
    • Do they know they are valuable for you?
    Thanks for the inspiration, Waqas, it’s a trigger to highly successful organizations, and could be the way back from brings that a lack of care can plummet us!

    • Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Ellen this is also true for employees of the organizations. In fact this whole post was generated from this sentence, ” Friend is the new name for your customer & employee. “

      Yes the questions are important enough to put you on right track. Thanks for the visit & contribution.

  2. Great points: Customers aren’t just wallets with legs. They’re people. Being social with them is just being polite, which is good business. 🙂

  3. Great article Waqas.

    Many times business people forget that their customers are people too…stop looking at them as dollar signs.

    Nice work.

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