If You Can’t, Shift The Authority

You have a pen, right?

But you don’t know how to write.

You’ll probably gift that pen to someone who can utilize it well.

15 years back when you were going to the medical college for admission, you knew that was not what you wanted. You wanted to be a musician but were too afraid of possible outcomes imposed told by the society & family pressure.

I know, you have been running your company for more than 20 years but were too afraid to take decisions. Those big, innovative & risky decisions which could bring you very higher.

Unfortunately, you are still that fearful 50+ guy and don’t want to be changed. But secretly wishing for the success your competitor is getting by taking big decisions.

Do one thing, which is easier but really very effective. Help your employees, especially to those who are not afraid like you. Empower those people in your organization, who have courage to Think Big & Act Big!

You’ll be amazed by the outcomes. And for the above medical college case: Don’t repeat it with your children or anyone, please.

About Waqas Ali

Waqas is a blogger and entrepreneur from Pakistan. He is the founder of Markhor, a startup which sells handmade leather goods around the world. He can be reached via  email, , and Facebook
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5 Responses to If You Can’t, Shift The Authority

  1. 😉
    Indeed, Waqas fear will not take us anywhere, will not make our lives remarkable.
    Guys, take actions and face your fears + remember that:
    “Fear is a mind killer”

    • Waqas Ali says:

      Yes Ivana, struggling with fear might seem very difficult (even impossible in some cases) at first. But the Game is after it!

      Thank you for being not fearful & leading by example. 😉

  2. M Awais says:

    What you are saying is absolutely right Waqas, but when you are putting “you”, then you should not just focus on Medical College. You need to take it more generally including other institutions where parents put pressure on their children to get adjusted. Otherwise it is all right.

  3. Daniel Evans says:

    Great post Waqas!

    I love the pen analogy. You are right of course. Fear can be paralyzing, and retard growth. I have heard it said that fear is often times a product of our primitive “reptile” brain. Sort of a “holdover” from our development.

    In its place fear can be a good thing, protecting us from potential sources of harm. Too often though, it is misplaced and holds us back. We grow by making forward strides, first crawling, then walking, then running, and yes, sometimes falling. If one becomes too worried with falling on your butt once in a while, you can’t move forward. We know this instinctively as children of course, but then seem to forget it, or have it “taught” out of us in later years. One way to achieve success might be to seek out and act on that child-like sense of wonder and risk-taking once again.

    • Waqas Ali says:

      WOW Daniel, your comment has completed the post. You are right that Too often though, it is misplaced and holds us back. We grow by making forward strides, first crawling, then walking, then running, and yes, sometimes falling.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts too. 😉

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